Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between "airport transfer" and "1- hour rental"? The prices seem to be nearly the same. Can we do a little sightseeing before going to our hotel?

The price for airport transfer is similar to the hourly rental rate. This is because our minimum rental is 1 hour, and all airport transfers take less than 1 hour. But even though the airport transfer takes less time than a 1-hour rental, for airport transfer the driver has to wait for you to clear customs or immigration, and collect your bags, and we do not know exactly how long he might need to wait. For these reasons, in most cases for an airport transfer the driver spends much more time than with an ordinary one-hour rental. However, on most occasions there’s no problem to have a small sightseeing ride in the city centre before going to the hotel from the airport. However, you do have to notify us in advance of this when making the booking, otherwise our driver will take you straight to the hotel.


I want to order a limousine but I see it must be paid in advance. Is there another way to pay for my booking?

Only some limousines must be prepaid, either in whole or at least a 50% deposit. For deposit payments you can use various payment methods (see our payments section). Generally all limousines where a lap-dancer is added, or for a Hummer limousine, advance payment/deposit is required.


Can I bring my own beverages?

Unfortunately we do not allow consumption of your own drinks. We can arrange beverages according to your wishes.


Can the stretched limousine get directly to my hotel?

Some hotels or locations, mainly in the historical centre, are not accessible by long stretched limousines. In that case we would advise about the nearest pickup point or suggest another alternative.


Instructions on how to book a limousine, and other related questions.

If you wish to book a limousine transfer, just complete the online form. We can also provide limo transfers within the city of Prague, for sightseeing, for out of Prague excursions etc. It is best to email your request to us.